Adding value

It is important that your air conditioning equipment operates at peak efficiency to minimise running costs and lessen the possibility of breakdown. We have developed our own unique software to care for the air conditioning equipment of our commercial clients. We can prepare a comprehensive Asset Report that captures important information to assist with proper asset management, budgeting and life cycle analysis.

The report captures the following important information:

  • photos of the asset
  • date of manufacture
  • location of the asset
  • plant capacity
  • make and model
  • life expectancy
  • name plate details
  • replacement cost
  • designated asset number
  • area served by the asset.


In addition to the Asset Report, a Condition Assessment Report can be prepared detailing suggested improvements that could increase efficiency and performance of your air conditioning equipment. It also highlights comfort gains and alerts that could be effecting Australian Standards, Building Codes or Safety issues where a lack of action may breach.


The information provided for each piece of equipment in the Condition Assessment includes:

  • a list of any OH&S issues that affects the public, the building occupants or service technicians and where the lack of action
    may breach.
  • photos highlighting the issue
  • clear description of what is being proposed
  • any safety implications to be considered
  • our recommended action and timeframe
  • the equipment failure probability (if applicable)
  • the consequences of inaction, including safety, potential equipment damage, reliability and efficiency implications
  • cost of implementing the improvement
  • efficiency, reliability and comfort gains both tangible and intangible
  • applicable Australian standards or building code where the lack of action may breach.


Safety, quality, environmental

Carseldine Air Conditioning takes Safety, Quality and Environmental issues seriously, as do our clients. Available on request are our:

  • Quality Assurance Policy and Management System
  • Workplace Safety Policy and Management System
  • Environmental Policy and Management System.



We are a Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licensee with an Unlimited Design license, and are ArcTick Certified to handle refrigerant gases. What this means for you is, you will be engaging a Queensland Government recognised quality contractor who is licensed to perform air conditioning work.