I have lost my owner’s manual. How can I get a replacement?                                    

Most manuals can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.


How often do air conditioners need to be serviced?                                                            

Most manufacturers recommend annual servicing of all types of units. Commercial systems require servicing more frequently. Please refer to your owner’s manual or contact our service department for more information.


Do air conditioners cost a lot to run?                                                                                         

Progressively, as technology improves, so does the efficiency of most recognised brands. With the advent of the inverter and the government’s introduction of minimum efficiency standards, running costs have been significantly reduced. Visit www.energyrating.gov.au for specific running costs of various brands.


Does my unit need to be re-gassed every year?                                                                  

No, it should not. If extra gas is required it indicates a leak which must be repaired before gas can be added.


How do I clean my filters?                                                                                                            

Please first refer to your owner’s manual. Generally though, filters can be lightly rinsed under a tap and allowed to dry.


My condensing unit (outdoor unit) drips water on heating mode. Is this normal?   

Yes, your condenser is supposed to drip on heating. This can be collected and drained away if required.


If there is a storm coming should I switch my unit off?                                                     

All newer homes will have surge protection devices fitted in the main switchboard and so do not need to be turned off. If there is a power failure most units will restart automatically. It is better to play it safe in older homes and switch the unit off at the isolating switch to prevent damage to electrical components.


My air conditioner won’t switch on and the operation lamp is flashing – what do I do?

Your air conditioner may require technical assistance. Please contact our Service Department for assistance.